About Us

Creating software is not a big task, creating user friendly software for all mankind is a big task. This is our motto. Xentel creates software that is so user-friendly that anyone with little knowledge can make use of it.

Who we are?


entel one of the fast growing software development firm based in Kerala, India. Xentel has been set up to provide quality information technology solutions and services in both the domestic and international markets. Trust and value for money is the primary objective in all our business undertakings. 100% Customer Satisfaction accelerates Xentel’s reputation and business growth.

Currently our team is working on several projects for small and medium and for large scale business firms as well as individuals. Our next projects include development of mobile apps.

Xentel specializes in a wide range of software development for different business sector including Realty, Medical technologies , Project management software for small and medium business entrepreneurs , Small and medium shops and businesses of any kind, retail segment ,tourism management system and many more.

Xentel, does with business with more than 30 companies and Institutions from all around the world and provides software development service to retails and individual segments too.

Xentel developes softwares with advanced technologies assures 100% satisfaction

Serious Business , Serious Software , Software That Really Matters For Businesses That Really Matters

Why Choose Us?

1. Dedicated staffs available 24x7

Our Main strength is our staffs, they all are well qualified and well experienced in this industry and can complete the project in time and accuracy. And can offer the services 24×7 basis.

2. The Best Solution for Your Business

Xentel softwares are user friendly and easy to use with modern technology, so everyone can easily get familiar with our Softwares

3. Fast & Effective Supports

One of our aim is giving fast and reliable customer support to our clients, our support & tech team is equipped to solve the problems with in time.

4. Strong Research & Development Wing

Xentel possess strong in house research and development team with highly talented peoples with wast experience in respected field will help the updated version of software everytime.

5. High End Infrastructure

We are going with the future, so we maintains our Infrastructure according to this. We are upgrading all our Infrastructure time to time.

Our Skills

Ready to use softwares / 95%
Customized Softwares / 85%
Web Applications / 90%
Trading Systems / 92%

Some of our segments include

Sales CRM

Our Sales CRM can enable companies to build, track and manage its sales flow. Xentel’s CRM includes a dynamic reporting system.
Features Include
Manage leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. See everything from background, email history, events, projects or opportunities. Supporting iPhone and Android phones and popular tablets, the Xentel mobile app has you covered. Integration with email, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Apps, MailChimp, Outlook 2013/Office 365 Business Edition, QuickBooks Online, QuoteRoller, Torpio, Zapier, and more.

Contra Soft

Use full web application for builders & contractors to update their day to day site activities online & generate different reports any time anywhere. Application includes accounts, materials & labors handling, Project Wise P&L Reports.

Mob Soft

Very useful software developed for the mobile shops & servicing centers aiming them to manage their business very easily and successfully. It is server based software that can run both in local intranet and the internet.

PM Software

Project Management Software, that is useful for the managers for assigning tasks to the employees based on priority, View them, know the status of works, testing details, Attendance of employees, Generation of different Reports. This is a very useful tool for start-up firms.

Medical CMS

A web based CMS useful for doctors or other medical professionals to manage their profession online. Easy to manage the contents and upload their offers by themselves. Even the menus can be changed based on their requirements. Easily customizable, that is this software.

Tour CMS

A web based tour package management application. Client can add, edit or delete their packages by themselves very easily. They can manage their contents or offers too very easily by themselves. Menus/ submenus/ banners can be defined/ changed by themselves at anytime.

Rate Analyzer

Rate analyzer is a web application for builders & contractors to calculate the rates of all CIVIL works easily with the simple input of material Rates, labor rates, contractor’s profit percentage, and the software will calculate all the rates automatically. Users can login from anywhere.

Website Development

We create top website designs (static and dynamic web designs) including er-designing of existing websites, multimedia presentations, logos, brochures, leaflets, 3D & 2D animations, commercial TV advertisements and detailed multimedia CD authoring. In addition to the creative works, we also undertake software projects.